Offenbach a. Main – Warehouse break-in

150.000 € damage – break-in in warehouse

Offenbach (ots), original police report


  • 150.000 € total damage
  • 150 premium mobile devices stolen
  • Burglary above the roof of a warehouse
  •  Safety concept planned only in a makeshift way, instructions of the safety specialist disregarded


Offenbach, September 2019 – In mid-September 2019, previously unknown persons successfully managed to penetrate a warehouse. The burglars managed to steal 150 smartphones and left a total damage of about 150.000€.

A break-in in Offenbach in mid-September 2019 was almost ready for filming. Burglars gained access to the warehouse through the roof of a warehouse and unnoticed captured goods worth almost 140,000 €. The intruders used an automatic saw, an angle grinder or similar equipment to cut a hole in the ceiling of the warehouse and then stole goods from a high rack. This resulted in a material damage of about 10.000€ to the warehouse. The police have started investigations.

The cause of the break-in was quickly clarified: contrary to the recommendation of the responsible installer for security technology, the hall owner had only decided on a simplified security concept for cost reasons. Even with the simplified security concept, the hall owner had not properly observed the operating instructions for his alarm system and had not complied with regulations. Motion detectors were blocked by pallets, which further weakened the already poorly planned security concept.

How could the break-in have been prevented? The answer to this question is visibly simple. The owner was simply too stingy. The security company knows all the burglary methods and tricks how the clever burglars gain access to any object nowadays. The security expert simply has much more experience with such scenarios and wants to secure his customer in the best possible way. Unfortunately, many customers misunderstand this and, compared to other industries, feel they are quickly deceived.

In the end, one should consider the damage caused and compare it with the cost of a professional alarm system. The following quickly becomes clear:

  • Value of goods > Investment costs for alarm system.

If the electrical store had invested more in the protection of their property, the damage could have been prevented today. The basic rule in every area is: Keep your hands off topics that exceed my personal competence. Or would you get into an airplane that you have repaired yourself?

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