Who are we?

Your personal safety and the protection of your property are our top priority. Therefore we have committed ourselves to be one of the leading companies in the security industry.

The SIREUS GROUP was founded in 2005 as a spin-off for the distribution of security fog systems. The two founders, Hans-Jürgen and Markus Bach, at that time already had more than 25 years of experience in the field of consulting, planning, installation and maintenance of security technology equipment in international projects. In order to successfully introduce the topic “safety fog technology” to installers and system integrators in the German-speaking countries, the SIREUS GROUP was founded as an independent distributor for safety technology as part of a family-run group of companies.
Due to the experience of the founders in the object business, some well-known retailers (chain stores) could be equipped with effective and inexpensive protection by artificial fog together with our partner installers.
In the course of the requirements of our end customers, the product range has been continuously expanded and now includes a very wide range of security technology products and solutions.
From burglar alarm technology, video surveillance and analysis, access control, fire detection, perimeter surveillance to security fog technology, almost all requirements of our end customers can now be covered.
Together with our partner installers and system integrators, we are also available for highly complex projects. For security-conscious end customers, small businesses, medium-sized companies up to industrial enterprises or high value protection, you will find tailor-made solutions in our portfolio, both as standard solutions and as special developments.
Perfectly coordinated!
Not only our individual security systems work perfectly, but also the complete team behind them. This enables us to deliver security concepts that quickly become poorly armoured and yet still offer high-quality protection even for the highest value ranges and requirements.

“We protect. Far above the standard.

Managing Director and Founder Hans-Jürgen Bach und Markus Bach

Our Philosophy

The SIREUS GROUP is a distributor of safety products and solutions for the highest quality and functional requirements.
We are specialized in combining best quality with highest customer satisfaction.

From our experience in the security industry we know that a good product does not necessarily have to be a good product. Often, even good products do not reach the potential they could have theoretically achieved due to faulty assembly or incorrect design.
We would like to counteract this. Good support is usually more important than the product itself. That is why our products go through several test phases and are subjected to extensive endurance and stress tests before we make them available to our customers.
Our internal knowledge database, which is also available to our partners, enables a quick exchange of information and experience.

We strengthen the high quality of our product portfolio by providing customer service with fast response times. We speak from experience and know that good products and good service are the best partners for a reliable and long-term partnership.

Are you interested in our products? Send us an inquiry here to become our customer and partner now.

Our team

Markus Bach

Authorized Signatory

Markus Bach has over 25 years of experience in the security, IT and telecommunications sectors. He specializes in the evaluation of new technologies and the realization of special solutions together with international manufacturers and suppliers. As the youngest expert in Germany, he was appointed by the DKE (German Commission for Electrical Engineering in DIN and VDE) as the German delegate for European and international standardisation work. As chairman of the technical committees for access control and smoke protection systems, IEC, EN, DIN and VDE standards have already been developed under his leadership. In 2014, Markus Bach was the first executive of a manufacturer to be certified by the European Business School (EBS) and the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) as a "Security Manager" with distinction.

Hans-Jürgen Bach

Managing Director

Hans-Jürgen Bach looks back on over 55 years of experience in the fields of security and communications engineering. Solutions in the international project environment and the experience with foreign standards and practice are his specialty. As a group specialist, he was largely responsible for the risk analysis and danger prevention of endangered group members and board members of Hoechst AG during the Baader-Meinhof era (Red Army Faction, RAF) and coordinated the entire group measures with public (Kripo, SEK, GSG9, MAD), private and group-owned protection forces. In addition to representative functions and strategic activities of the company management, he makes his knowledge available to our trainees and accompanies their training with lectures, practical examples and craft tips. In this way, our young trainees benefit in many ways from the generational exchange.

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