Fog protection
The security component that actively intervenes in the action

The origin of security fog

Originally the security fog and its application comes from the military area and was developed at that time particularly for the military. In the early 90’s, security fog devices were used for the first time in high security areas and industry. Today, for example, you can find security concepts with smoke cannons for nuclear power plants, which can create large smoke walls around the entire building area to protect against threats from the air. Especially since 11 September 2001, this type of industrial protection has been increasingly used for endangered objects.

The idea of dense fogging of rooms and large areas was later also used by the fire brigade and fire drills were carried out with fog machines which produce fog by evaporation of a water-alcohol mixture. The advantage here: no residues are formed and the fog is harmless to health. Furthermore, it was now possible to dose the fog and thus create optimal training conditions. The purchase of smoke grenades was now also superfluous, since the new fog machines need only comparatively favorable fog fluid for fog production.

In the meantime, the technology has progressed so far that the fog machines have made it into the retail trade and even into private households in a compact form. The slogan “What you can’t see, you can’t steal.” is ingenious and simple at the same time. The fog primarily acts as a deterrent and is supposed to instinctively drive the burglar away by triggering the fog. After the fog is triggered, the burglar loses his orientation, provided he still hasn’t fled. It is very important that the fog leaves no residue on furniture and objects to be protected and is absolutely harmless to health.

Why security fog?

There is no general solution for effective and active burglary protection. Security concepts must always be created individually for the respective object. The interaction of mechanical burglary protection and alarming results in a simple equation: The earlier the alarming takes place, the faster it can be reacted. The longer the security technology lasts, the more likely it is that the perpetrator will break in, or the more likely it is that the perpetrator will be arrested.

Security fog helps to add an active component to your security concept – without having to attach conspicuous and heavy grilles to windows and doors on the outside. Because the previous alarm systems and safety devices were all passive protective elements. They simply locked, detected, signalled and reported. Until now, it was not possible to actively intervene in what was happening, thus preventing criminal offences and directly protecting people or property.
With security fog systems you can increase the resistance time “from the inside”.

Sicherheitsnebelgerät in Aktion (©SIREUS Group GmbH)

Intervene actively in the action..

The idea is to develop a system that forces the perpetrator to flee. Countless recordings from surveillance cameras prove that 99% of the perpetrators instinctively begin to flee when breaking into an object protected by security fog. This is self-evident, if one considers the immense fog output after the automatic or manual release of the installed security fog system, which envelops the room within seconds. Due to the constant blowing out of fog and the aerodynamic turbulence in the room, orientation in the room is soon no longer possible. At this point, however, the perpetrator has probably already taken flight. In practice, the fog systems are triggered by an alarm system or a security control centre in the absence of persons and as protection against theft and vandalism. In business operations, the security fog system can be triggered via an emergency button or a radio remote control. For such scenarios, it is essential that you contact your specialist for security fog beforehand!! Our security fog systems can be connected to an existing alarm system. They are ideally suited to perfectly expand your security system and offer you not only more security, but also real protection. Equip yourself now with one of our security fog systems and use its advantages! If you are interested in our systems, simply contact us by telephone or e-mail. We will be happy to answer your questions!
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